Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music and Mp3

MP3 is a digital file format that anyone can freely use for audio music files. The MP3 utilizes scale factor groups are more optimized for the human ear, and it uses nonlinear sample quantisation and Huffman coding. The MP3 is a compressed digital audio format that allows for smaller file sizes with sound quality similar to Wav format. Music tracks in Wav format are extremely large in size, averaging around 50MB in size whereas the mp3 equivalents are much smaller. You could say that the MP3 is a digital audio codec. In other words, it's a method of compressing and dec-compressing digitized sound. MP3 is a very popular format, because it is usually indistinguishable from a normal CD track, yet the files can be a 10th the size or smaller making it possible to download it over the internet without waiting hours. People can share trade mp3 online freely. Even though there are many copyright restrictions regarding this sharing practice. The MP3 format has been controversial because of the ease with which copied copyright material can be distributed. Because the MP3 is a method of file compression that greatly reduces the amount of space needed to store recorded speech and music in a computer everyone uses it. The MP3 is so wide spread because it is based on the characteristics of human hearing; it compresses music and speech files by removing sound that a listener would not hear. MP3 is still very close to CD quality. The mp3 sound format has revolutionized how people listen to music. The mp3 is so versatile that everyone uses it. Every music professional deals with Mp3. Every disk jockey uses mp3 file formats. Whether it is a DJ at a wedding a birthday function DJ or a radio DJ. Every DJ uses MP3 for their music. All you need to do to learn more about how DJ use MP3 is visit a DJ Resource Blog. All recording professionals and musicians use mp3 as well and thats one of the reasons Disk Jockeys use it was well. Picture this, if you were a DJ would you rather carry around hundreds of vinyl records and CD's or would you just rather to carry one hard drive with all your music? It is a no brainer, ever DJ uses mp3 for their music needs. Smaller does not mean smaller in playback time, but smaller in needed storage space. Some artists have realized the power of file sharing online and are giving away free mp3's. MP3 is a very efficient way to encode music. Anything that isn't detectable by the human ear is simply not stored. MP3 is, like the iTunes Music Store, remarkably simple to use and it offers pretty much everything iTunes does, only in its own, Amazon way. MP3 is a compressed wave. It takes several times less space, but does not allow to separate and edit components as well. There is much more to the mp3. There is still a really long way to go. As long as people are listening to music they will be using mp3.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Microphones and Voice Amplification

Microphones are the instruments that convert sound waves to electric currents. Unlike the pick ups which convert magnetic changes to electric currents microphones do the same things but they do so by picking up sound waves. There are many details about how microphones work. In general however, microphones are not always expected to pick up sound universally and from all directions. The way that a microphone picks up sound from various directions is known as its pickup pattern . Microphones are used in many applications such as telephones, tape recorders, hearing aids, motion picture production and in radio, television broadcasting and of course music. Microphones are facing competition in a new, rapidly evolving and highly competitive sector of the audio communication and production market. Good microphones are expensive and thrie price depends on how sensitive the microphone is. Microphones are one of the most important parts of the recording signal chain, and, when applied properly, can provide as much personality as different types of guitars do. For this reason, it is important to know the different qualities of various mics because each has their own specifications. In general the type of the microphone is based on proximity and sensitivity. The first type of microphone is the cdondenser microphones. Condenser microphones have flat frequency response down to the lowest audible frequencies, permitting full, impressive low frequency sound reproduction. Microphones pick up sounds in different ways, from different directions, and are designed to be used in a variety of ways. You may need one type of mic for close voice recording, and another for lectures. Microphones play an crucial roll in the sound quality of audio recording. Using a cheap microphone on even the most advanced audio recorders will result in terrible sound. The second type of microphones is the dynamic ones. Dynamic mics are very common in live applications. In the studio, dynamics are often used to record electric guitars, drums and more. Dynamic microphones use a sort of a reversed speaker method to obtain sound. A small diaphragm is attached to a coil of hair-thin wire suspended in a magnetic field. Dynamic microphones done need to be powered like condenser microphones. Condenser microphones on the other hand require to be plugged in to power and it is usually refered to as phantom power. Most of them come with an internal battery. Condenser microphones are usually more fragile than dynamic microphones and require a 48 V phantom power supply. Some of them can use battery packs, but some rely on an external power source. In general if microphones did not exist the world would be a whole different place. Music Blog

To Clarify Electric Music

Electric music in general has been developed in the second part of the twentieth century and in general electric music is the music of this culture and in the breaking away from previously assumed forms a new kind of music. Electric music is musical it is not noise as some people like to believe. In the category of electric music fall many different kinds. Electric music is the music of this culture and in the breaking away from previously assumed forms a new kind of music is emerging. Not to be confused with electronic music although electronic music is a category of electric music. For a kind of music to be defined as electric it has to be produced by electric instruments. Musical instruments that produce sound in the forms of electric current. This happens when usually for string instruments magnets pick up the vibrations of the strings. There are other kinds of electric instruments like keyboards. These instruments reproduce sounds in different ways. Non the less I really enjoy all kinds of electric music. Music Blog

On Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are loud, louder than the non electric guitar usually referred to as classical. Although there are volume controls on electric guitars, most people prefer to play their electric guitars at a higher volume than most people would play an acoustic guitar . Electric guitars are often bought by people who rarely play them and then simply want to learn but never do. I have met many electric guitar owners in the past but its rare to meet a guitar player and it is rarer to meet a good player. Electric guitars are considered easier to play than acoustic guitars, in regards to pressing down the strings, picking, strumming. Electric guitars are quite different, and without an external electrical amplifier strumming or picking the strings will make almost no sound at all. To play an electric guitar you will need an amplifier. To get sound you will need external amplification, but there is a common misconception or misunderstanding as to what exactly the external amplification does. Nevertheless, electric guitars are heavier than acoustic guitars, and the added weight of a hard case may just be too much to handle - soft cases should do fine if you are careful. One of the benefits of having an electric guitar is that you can get different sounds out of them by adding effects pedals. The sound they produced travels through an electric circuit to an amplifier. Before it gets to the amplifier it can be manipulated with effects pedals. There are several kinds of individual pedals, as well as multi-function pedals that like can be programmed to do many things. Electric guitars are lovely toys but just like with every other toy you will need to learn how to use it to the desirable results. Electric guitars are used largely for rock music, and unlike acoustic guitars are very forgiving. This can be both a good and a bad thing. Electric guitars are intimately associated with many famous musicians of the twentieth century and may be the iconic musical instrument of our time. Electric guitars are usually made with solid or semi-hollow wood on which electromagnetic sensors are placed on, these electromagnetic sensors are called pickups and they literally pick up the vibrations of the metal strings and make electric currents. Electric guitars are considered to be universal with no definite national color. Mostly, but not certainly. Electric guitars are by far the most popular and there are many models and kinds, shapes colours to choose from. You could even have yours custom made if you don’t mind spending a little bit more. Music Blog

Thursday, July 31, 2008

On Grunge and Pearl Jam

Grunge is a music style which is often misunderstood. Grunge doesn’t always have to mean really over the top dirty and dark but in general it is characterized by a sludgy guitar sound that uses a high level of distortion, fuzz and feedback effects along side deep bass lines. Grunge as a music style fuses elements of hardcore punk and heavy metal, although some bands performed with more emphasis on one or the other. The style started from seatle and since its beginning it had a dedicated following. Grunge gained a mainstream following with Bands like Pearl jam and Nirvana. Some people believe that grunge is alive and will live on for a long time. Any kind of music isn't dead as long as somebody listens to it. Grunge is also often used loosely to describe things. I listen to skin yard almost every day… With the so many uses of Grunge, its nearly impossible to determine what someone is talking about. Grunge is has a sound that sets it aside from the rest. The guitar typically has a dirty distortion, heavy feed back and usually off to dropped d. Music critics and college students celebrate the independent rock scene on blogs to publicize their love of bands because there grunge bands brought new things such as odd lyrics and discordant sounds. One of the most known grunge bands out there, or at least a forme grunge band is Pearl Jam. Many people believe that Pearl Jam is the best rock band out there. For some Pearl Jam is responsible-not single-handedly but almost-for an entire genre of music. I personally disagree but nevertheless people who claim that have a point. Very few bands can make that claim. Pearl Jam is doing just that, and has been for some time. Pearl Jam is undoubtedly one of the most popular rock bands to emerge during the early '90s. The band has seen huge success, debuting at number one and selling almost a million copies during its first week. The singer of Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder is very passionate and sings like his life depends on it, but there's only so much anyone could do with such a totally undistinguished composition. Eddie Vedder's lyrics, stand between self-righteousness and doubt and many people believe that he is a weird character a great musician and a member of a great band. The grunge music scene keeps evolving as new fans, younger fans discover the music. Music Reviews

Punk Rock

Punk rock is a style of music. Punk rock is also a way of living and thinking for many people and many people live by punk rock ideology because they believe that punk rock is about doing things you love. Many members of the Punk rock community and the bands have said that punk rock is about getting in a band and traveling around the country and meeting new people and building foundations and knowing that these new friends aren't after your money or your fame or your image. For many people punk rock is a lifestyle, a form of self expression and it is a lifestyle away from most common egotistical forms of self expression It’s a lifestyle of denial of the modern contemporary selfish social constructs. Being “Punk” is almost like a religion for true fans of the genre, it is the only thing that makes sense some say. Punk Rock music is in a state of flux. There are those who believe it to be a source of emotional exercise, like your not-so-friendly neighborhood Emo kid. Punk rock music is great music, and there’s a big resurgence of punk rock music in the Latino community. I talked to the guy from Punk Core Records, and he told me it’s all over Latin America and Mexico, everywhere there’s a big punk rock revival among the Latinos. Unfortunately, just like everything else in life the punk rock genre has been bastardized into a trend where monetization has made the rules of the game including song writing. Unlike the bands in the late 70s like the Buzzcocks, Television, the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Ram ones made a whole new scene for punk music newer bands do not care to make the statements made by older ones. Money has destroyed the punk rock genre all together. Punk Rock

On Rock Music and the mess it is in today

A very brief history of rock- A personal view mostly…but isn’t that history anyway?

Rock music is weird in many different ways. People would not necessarily agree that most music out there is shit. Its rare to find a good band or a good song any more. But the weird thing is that more and more people like and listen to sub standard music and substandard lyrics and cherish sub standard talent. In the rock scene you're always supposed to pretend that it isn't really kind of stupid. Rock music is not the only strand of popular music to have a literary connection. There is also a strong tradition in Black culture from the 1940s onwards, with the growth of jazz. Rock music is also part of a stream of "popular music", whose beginnings can be dated even further back, to the end of the 19th century. In fact, it would be more accurate to define today's rock music as the meeting of avant-garde music and popular music. Rock music is supposed to be fun. As long as a band is entertaining, I will continue to listen. Rock music is the generic term for different styles of music accompanied by, at least, a guitar, drum, bass and sometimes a piano, organ or synthesizer. Punk, folk or hard rock tickets, death, glam or any other kind of rock concert tickets: for any rock concert we have got them for the real fanatics! Rock music is a kind of music that has a unique way of how it showed or expressed. With the prominent vocal melody, with the sweet sound of guitar's distortion, and the extreme speed or accent of the beat of drums. Many other progressive rock music bands, such as the Moody Blues, Rush, and Yes, experimented with a wide range of instruments, and often included improvisational musical solos that could last for ten or even twenty minutes. Progressive rock songs ranged from lush, beautiful songs to atonal, dissonant, and complex songs. Few achieved major mainstream success, but large cults followed many of the groups. I liked the good old days when bands such as Cream and Led Zeppelin played loud rock music based on blues music . Other bands such Deep Purple and Black Sabbath played even louder, harder heavy metal rock music. Bands dubbed "alternative" could be most any style not typically heard on the radio; however, most alternative bands were unified by their collective debt to punk . Artists largely were confined to independent record labels, building an extensive underground music scene based around college radio , fanzines, touring, and word-of-mouth. Bands such as Green River , Soundgarden , the Pixies , the Melvins and Skin Yard pioneered the genre, with Mudhoney becoming the most successful by the end of the decade. However grunge remained largely a local phenomenon until 1991, when Pearl Jam too put out the album Ten was released followed shortly by Nirvana ?s Nevermind that was more successful. together. Punk Rock