Thursday, July 31, 2008

Punk Rock

Punk rock is a style of music. Punk rock is also a way of living and thinking for many people and many people live by punk rock ideology because they believe that punk rock is about doing things you love. Many members of the Punk rock community and the bands have said that punk rock is about getting in a band and traveling around the country and meeting new people and building foundations and knowing that these new friends aren't after your money or your fame or your image. For many people punk rock is a lifestyle, a form of self expression and it is a lifestyle away from most common egotistical forms of self expression It’s a lifestyle of denial of the modern contemporary selfish social constructs. Being “Punk” is almost like a religion for true fans of the genre, it is the only thing that makes sense some say. Punk Rock music is in a state of flux. There are those who believe it to be a source of emotional exercise, like your not-so-friendly neighborhood Emo kid. Punk rock music is great music, and there’s a big resurgence of punk rock music in the Latino community. I talked to the guy from Punk Core Records, and he told me it’s all over Latin America and Mexico, everywhere there’s a big punk rock revival among the Latinos. Unfortunately, just like everything else in life the punk rock genre has been bastardized into a trend where monetization has made the rules of the game including song writing. Unlike the bands in the late 70s like the Buzzcocks, Television, the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Ram ones made a whole new scene for punk music newer bands do not care to make the statements made by older ones. Money has destroyed the punk rock genre all together. Punk Rock

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