Thursday, July 31, 2008

On Grunge and Pearl Jam

Grunge is a music style which is often misunderstood. Grunge doesn’t always have to mean really over the top dirty and dark but in general it is characterized by a sludgy guitar sound that uses a high level of distortion, fuzz and feedback effects along side deep bass lines. Grunge as a music style fuses elements of hardcore punk and heavy metal, although some bands performed with more emphasis on one or the other. The style started from seatle and since its beginning it had a dedicated following. Grunge gained a mainstream following with Bands like Pearl jam and Nirvana. Some people believe that grunge is alive and will live on for a long time. Any kind of music isn't dead as long as somebody listens to it. Grunge is also often used loosely to describe things. I listen to skin yard almost every day… With the so many uses of Grunge, its nearly impossible to determine what someone is talking about. Grunge is has a sound that sets it aside from the rest. The guitar typically has a dirty distortion, heavy feed back and usually off to dropped d. Music critics and college students celebrate the independent rock scene on blogs to publicize their love of bands because there grunge bands brought new things such as odd lyrics and discordant sounds. One of the most known grunge bands out there, or at least a forme grunge band is Pearl Jam. Many people believe that Pearl Jam is the best rock band out there. For some Pearl Jam is responsible-not single-handedly but almost-for an entire genre of music. I personally disagree but nevertheless people who claim that have a point. Very few bands can make that claim. Pearl Jam is doing just that, and has been for some time. Pearl Jam is undoubtedly one of the most popular rock bands to emerge during the early '90s. The band has seen huge success, debuting at number one and selling almost a million copies during its first week. The singer of Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder is very passionate and sings like his life depends on it, but there's only so much anyone could do with such a totally undistinguished composition. Eddie Vedder's lyrics, stand between self-righteousness and doubt and many people believe that he is a weird character a great musician and a member of a great band. The grunge music scene keeps evolving as new fans, younger fans discover the music. Music Reviews

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