Friday, August 1, 2008

On Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are loud, louder than the non electric guitar usually referred to as classical. Although there are volume controls on electric guitars, most people prefer to play their electric guitars at a higher volume than most people would play an acoustic guitar . Electric guitars are often bought by people who rarely play them and then simply want to learn but never do. I have met many electric guitar owners in the past but its rare to meet a guitar player and it is rarer to meet a good player. Electric guitars are considered easier to play than acoustic guitars, in regards to pressing down the strings, picking, strumming. Electric guitars are quite different, and without an external electrical amplifier strumming or picking the strings will make almost no sound at all. To play an electric guitar you will need an amplifier. To get sound you will need external amplification, but there is a common misconception or misunderstanding as to what exactly the external amplification does. Nevertheless, electric guitars are heavier than acoustic guitars, and the added weight of a hard case may just be too much to handle - soft cases should do fine if you are careful. One of the benefits of having an electric guitar is that you can get different sounds out of them by adding effects pedals. The sound they produced travels through an electric circuit to an amplifier. Before it gets to the amplifier it can be manipulated with effects pedals. There are several kinds of individual pedals, as well as multi-function pedals that like can be programmed to do many things. Electric guitars are lovely toys but just like with every other toy you will need to learn how to use it to the desirable results. Electric guitars are used largely for rock music, and unlike acoustic guitars are very forgiving. This can be both a good and a bad thing. Electric guitars are intimately associated with many famous musicians of the twentieth century and may be the iconic musical instrument of our time. Electric guitars are usually made with solid or semi-hollow wood on which electromagnetic sensors are placed on, these electromagnetic sensors are called pickups and they literally pick up the vibrations of the metal strings and make electric currents. Electric guitars are considered to be universal with no definite national color. Mostly, but not certainly. Electric guitars are by far the most popular and there are many models and kinds, shapes colours to choose from. You could even have yours custom made if you don’t mind spending a little bit more. Music Blog

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