Thursday, July 31, 2008

On Rock Music and the mess it is in today

A very brief history of rock- A personal view mostly…but isn’t that history anyway?

Rock music is weird in many different ways. People would not necessarily agree that most music out there is shit. Its rare to find a good band or a good song any more. But the weird thing is that more and more people like and listen to sub standard music and substandard lyrics and cherish sub standard talent. In the rock scene you're always supposed to pretend that it isn't really kind of stupid. Rock music is not the only strand of popular music to have a literary connection. There is also a strong tradition in Black culture from the 1940s onwards, with the growth of jazz. Rock music is also part of a stream of "popular music", whose beginnings can be dated even further back, to the end of the 19th century. In fact, it would be more accurate to define today's rock music as the meeting of avant-garde music and popular music. Rock music is supposed to be fun. As long as a band is entertaining, I will continue to listen. Rock music is the generic term for different styles of music accompanied by, at least, a guitar, drum, bass and sometimes a piano, organ or synthesizer. Punk, folk or hard rock tickets, death, glam or any other kind of rock concert tickets: for any rock concert we have got them for the real fanatics! Rock music is a kind of music that has a unique way of how it showed or expressed. With the prominent vocal melody, with the sweet sound of guitar's distortion, and the extreme speed or accent of the beat of drums. Many other progressive rock music bands, such as the Moody Blues, Rush, and Yes, experimented with a wide range of instruments, and often included improvisational musical solos that could last for ten or even twenty minutes. Progressive rock songs ranged from lush, beautiful songs to atonal, dissonant, and complex songs. Few achieved major mainstream success, but large cults followed many of the groups. I liked the good old days when bands such as Cream and Led Zeppelin played loud rock music based on blues music . Other bands such Deep Purple and Black Sabbath played even louder, harder heavy metal rock music. Bands dubbed "alternative" could be most any style not typically heard on the radio; however, most alternative bands were unified by their collective debt to punk . Artists largely were confined to independent record labels, building an extensive underground music scene based around college radio , fanzines, touring, and word-of-mouth. Bands such as Green River , Soundgarden , the Pixies , the Melvins and Skin Yard pioneered the genre, with Mudhoney becoming the most successful by the end of the decade. However grunge remained largely a local phenomenon until 1991, when Pearl Jam too put out the album Ten was released followed shortly by Nirvana ?s Nevermind that was more successful. together. Punk Rock

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