Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music and Mp3

MP3 is a digital file format that anyone can freely use for audio music files. The MP3 utilizes scale factor groups are more optimized for the human ear, and it uses nonlinear sample quantisation and Huffman coding. The MP3 is a compressed digital audio format that allows for smaller file sizes with sound quality similar to Wav format. Music tracks in Wav format are extremely large in size, averaging around 50MB in size whereas the mp3 equivalents are much smaller. You could say that the MP3 is a digital audio codec. In other words, it's a method of compressing and dec-compressing digitized sound. MP3 is a very popular format, because it is usually indistinguishable from a normal CD track, yet the files can be a 10th the size or smaller making it possible to download it over the internet without waiting hours. People can share trade mp3 online freely. Even though there are many copyright restrictions regarding this sharing practice. The MP3 format has been controversial because of the ease with which copied copyright material can be distributed. Because the MP3 is a method of file compression that greatly reduces the amount of space needed to store recorded speech and music in a computer everyone uses it. The MP3 is so wide spread because it is based on the characteristics of human hearing; it compresses music and speech files by removing sound that a listener would not hear. MP3 is still very close to CD quality. The mp3 sound format has revolutionized how people listen to music. The mp3 is so versatile that everyone uses it. Every music professional deals with Mp3. Every disk jockey uses mp3 file formats. Whether it is a DJ at a wedding a birthday function DJ or a radio DJ. Every DJ uses MP3 for their music. All you need to do to learn more about how DJ use MP3 is visit a DJ Resource Blog. All recording professionals and musicians use mp3 as well and thats one of the reasons Disk Jockeys use it was well. Picture this, if you were a DJ would you rather carry around hundreds of vinyl records and CD's or would you just rather to carry one hard drive with all your music? It is a no brainer, ever DJ uses mp3 for their music needs. Smaller does not mean smaller in playback time, but smaller in needed storage space. Some artists have realized the power of file sharing online and are giving away free mp3's. MP3 is a very efficient way to encode music. Anything that isn't detectable by the human ear is simply not stored. MP3 is, like the iTunes Music Store, remarkably simple to use and it offers pretty much everything iTunes does, only in its own, Amazon way. MP3 is a compressed wave. It takes several times less space, but does not allow to separate and edit components as well. There is much more to the mp3. There is still a really long way to go. As long as people are listening to music they will be using mp3.

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